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5 Steps to Healthy Hair & Scalp

5 Steps to Healthy Hair & Scalp

1 – Use Oils to Repair the Scalp

No, we’re not talking about greasing the scalp and clogging the hair follicles. It’s about using healing oils to nurture and repair the scalp. If you’ve received any chemical burns, or you’ve been scratching your head a lot, you’ll probably need to rebuild the skin.

The scalp is unique and different from the rest of the skin on your body. When the scalp is damaged, it’s the hair follicles that suffer, leaving you with no method of growing hair. Repairing and restoring the skin to its original health means that your follicles may return to their initial state too. As we age, reparation of follicles gets more difficult. Using healing oils is an ideal way to help with the reparation and restoration.

Repairing the skin and follicles are one of your cells’ many jobs. By stimulating blood flow and giving the body new energy, we’re able to speed the healing process. Great repairing oils to try are: Peppermint essential oil, tea tree essential oil, and castor oil. All three oils have a stimulating effect on the body, and will increase activity on a deep cellular level.

2 – Massage for Better Circulation


We spend all day in an upright position, and you may even sleep with your head propped on a pillow. Because of this, it can be hard for blood cells to reach the very top of the body. Massaging the scalp in an inverted manner with an oil-based serum is one of the best ways to get the blood circulating within your head. Stimulating the blood is important because you’ll enable the cells within the hair follicle to create strong hair.

You can use either an electrical scalp massager or your fingertips to do a massage. Stand with your feet shoulder-length apart and your legs straight, but not locked. Then bend over with your head toward your feet and massage for 5-15 minutes three times per week. Massaging your scalp in the inverted manner will help to grow your hair and give you the healthy look you want.

3 – Wash hair less frequently.

If you wash and condition your hair every time you shower, this one may be tough to swallow. After all, shiny hair and a fresh smelling scalp are modern day hallmarks of good hygiene. When you wash your hair often, say every day, you actually strip natural oils from the hair. These natural oils are there for a reason; they make hair naturally shiny. These oils, along with a seasonal trim, keep hair growing and prevent the ends from breaking.

Believe it or not, lathering up less often is actually better for your hair! Your hair needs natural oils to boost shine, so try to shampoo every two to three days. If you notice that going longer than one or two days without washing makes your hair appear stringy and oily, remember that less washing is also about training your hair to accept a new regimen, which could take months.

Whether it is your hair or skin, constantly stripping natural oils tells your body to produce even more of these oils. So start slow and work your way up to skipping two or three days between washing. Your hair will be healthier and happier

4 – Trim It.

You don’t need an expert to tell you that getting a trim will rid your hair of breakage and split ends and allow you to restore the remaining mane to a hydrated, healthy state. You don’t need a major chop — just the ends will do wonders.

5 – Turn Down the Heat.

Unfortunately, you can’t expect to repair your hair while damaging it with the excessive heat from your styling tools. Turn your hair dryer and iron down to medium — it doesn’t need to be on the highest setting to be effective — and be sure to use a heat protectant beforehand. Heat protection spray / cream will protect the hair and will keep the style even longer.


Remember that all good things are coming slowly so be patient and you will see and feel the result.

Good luck from HnBC !

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